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Agent-based Modelling in Education, Public Engagement, Policy Making, Discussions, Art and Entertainment. Oh, and Research

Date & Time:
13:00:00 - 14:00:00,
Monday 19 May, 2014


Agent-based modelling is of increasing importance in research. Many and varied phenomena can be explored by experimenting with computer simulations of artificial societies of interacting heterogeneous individuals. This talk will cover agent-based modelling in research as well as many other uses.

As part of the Oxford University Modelling4All Project (, we have been exploring the role of agent-based modelling in education, public engagement, and policy making. We believe the key to making agent-based modelling accessible to a wide audience is to provide tools where models are open, transparent, modular, easy to compose out of high level components, and well-suited for sharing on the Web.

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  • Name: Ken Kahn
  • Affiliation: IT Services, University of Oxford
  • Role:
  • URL:
  • Bio: Ken Kahn is a senior researcher at the University of Oxford IT Services, leading the Modelling4All project that combines ideas of accessible agent-based modelling within a web 2.0 community. He is also the designer and developer of ToonTalk (, a programming system for children that provides concrete analogues of advanced computational abstractions with a video game look and feel.