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Connected Life 2014: Poster and Visualisation Fair Presenters

Published on
10 Jun 2014

Connected Life 2014, occurring on June 12th, is a day-long student-run conference dedicated to sparking exchange between disciplines and showcasing emerging internet research. Bringing together participants and attendees from across the social sciences, Connected Life will foster collaborations within and beyond Oxford in pursuit of better understanding of the internet and its many effects.

In addition to oral presentations, we’re hosting what is sure to be an intriguing and informative poster and visualisation fair, with contributions from:

  • Gili Vidan and Frank Hangler
    Could You Afford Facebook Messenger in Cameroon?
  • Anna Orlova
    Youth participation in Internet governance – a European perspective
  • Joao Araujo Monteiro Neto
    Can I Google your Soul? The regulation of legal protection to privacy in the electronic personal data management context: The Internet paradigm, the deconstruction of privacy and the Legal Matrix.
  • Sasjkia Otto
    Science in the headlines: the stakes in the social media age
  • Serena Bilanceri
    Analysing Interaction in Virtual Spaces: Ethnicity and Identity in Virtual Worlds
  • Xinxin Long
    How Chinese national news media negotiate foreign platforms: a case study on the use of propaganda to construct and reinforce sino-foreign distinction
  • Rinatania Anggraeni Farjriani
    ICT in Social Community: Carpooling Based on Twitter
  • Marilou Polymeropoulou
    Chipmusic: Visualizing a case of a Networked Digital Music
  • Andrea Jimenez
    Collaborative innovation in resource-constrained environments: The case of tech hubs in East Africa
  • Sietse Wieringa
    Using a Virtual Social Network to create Clinical Guidelines

Tomorrow, we’ll be providing more information about our keynote speaker. For a full list of presenters and details about Thursday’s conference, you can view the full program here.