The Oxford Internet Institute is delighted to welcome David S. Levine from Elon University of Law, for a talk to discuss his new textbook to be published in September 2019, 'Information Law, Governance, and Cybersecurity'

Professor Sharon K. Sandeen of Mitchell-Hamline School of Law and David have authored a new textbook, Information Law, Governanceand Cybersecurity, to be published by West Academic Publishing in September 2019. Their book brings together previously disparate areas of law, from trade secrecy to the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and privacy under the GDPR to government transparency, in a way that will teach law students and others the full-range of information law issues. While casebooks currently exist that deal with discrete information law issues, such as privacy law, trade secret law, and cyber-crimes, this book takes a holistic approach that is consistent with the myriad and intertwined information-related challenges facing governments, consumers, businesses, and their attorneys. They hope that the book will enable students to pursue careers related to the fields of information governance, privacy, and cybersecurity, among others, and become thought leaders in this emerging space.