Where technical advances and frameworks of policy and regulation liberate or constrain the range of choices that can be made about the use, design and development of ICTs and their societal implications.

Current projects

  • Child Protection

    Participants: Dr Monica Bulger, Dr Victoria Nash, Dr Vera Slavtcheva-Petkova

    Work and activities by OII faculty and associates on issues surrounding online child safety and protection.

  • VOX-Pol Network of Excellence

    Participants: Dr Jonathan Bright, Professor Ian Brown

    The VOX-Pol research project is designed to comprehensively research, analyse, debate, and critique issues surrounding violent online political extremism (VOPE).

Past projects

  • Civil society participation in the World Summit for the Information Society (WSIS)

    Participants: Professor Stephen Coleman, Professor William H. Dutton, Dr Sonia Liff, Dr Victoria Nash

    Achieving a deeper understanding of the nature, extent and potential of civil society groups' participation in the 2003 World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) and ICT policy making by establishing a cross-sector academic / practitioner dialogue.

  • Development and Broadband Internet Access in East Africa

    Participants: Dr Felix Akorli, Claude Bizimana, Dr Christopher Foster, Professor Mark Graham, Charles Katua, Dr Laura Elizabeth Mann, Professor Tim Waema

    By using surveys, interviews and in-depth observations, this project examined the expectations and stated potentials of broadband Internet in East Africa and compared those expectations to on-the-ground effects that broadband connectivity is having.

  • Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society

    Participants: Professor Ian Brown

    This project explores the nature, opportunities and challenges of digital citizenship in light of the governmental surveillance measures revealed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

  • EICN working group on child protection and mobile phones

    Participants: Professor William H. Dutton, Dr Victoria Nash

    An OII-led working group to gather information and develop policy recommendations about the practices of mobile network operators in Europe in relation to child protection in the era of third-generation (3G) multimedia mobile phones.

  • Fair Tracing Project

    Participants: Professor Ian Brown, Ashima Chopra, Dorothea Kleine, Apurba Kundu, Ann Light, Christian Wallenta

    The aim of the Fair Tracing project was to support Ethical Trade by implementing IT Tracking and Tracing Technologies in supply chains to provide consumers and producers with enhanced information.

  • FRESNEL: Federated Secure Sensor Network Laboratory

    Participants: Professor Ian Brown, Guy Piers O'Hanlon, Dr Joss Wright

    FRESNEL aims to build a large scale federated sensor network framework with multiple applications sharing the same resources, where reliable intra-application communication is guaranteed, as well as a scalable and distributed management infrastructure.

  • Future Home Networks and Services

    Participants: Professor Ian Brown, Dr Andrew Martin, Guy Piers O'Hanlon, Dr Joss Wright

    This project is addressing home network and service security by researching and developing security frameworks for sharing between networks and devices, protocols to connect devices with cloud services, and security analysis of remote management systems.

  • IMSK: Integrated Mobile Security Kit

    Participants: Professor Ian Brown, Dr Anne-Marie Oostveen, Dr Joss Wright

    IMSK integrates information from legacy and novel sensor technologies into common operational picture where information is fused into intelligence, in a mobile system suitable for rapid deployment at venues which temporarily need enhanced security.

  • Internet Governance

    Participants: Professor Ian Brown, Professor William H. Dutton, Desiree Miloshevic, Professor Jonathan Zittrain

    A programme of seminars, forums and conferences informing our research on Internet governance.

  • New electronic document designs and systems

    Participants: Dr Ted Nelson

    Ted Nelson's 'Transliterary' system aims to produce software that can unify electronic documents by converting them into compatible formats that allow mutual linking and the re-use of content.

  • OpenNet Initiative: state-sponsored filtering of the Internet

    Participants: Professor Jonathan Zittrain

    The Open Net Initiative aims to investigate, expose and analyze Internet filtering and surveillance practices, uncovering the potential pitfalls and unintended consequences of these practices, and helping to inform better public policy and advocacy work.

  • PrivacyOS

    Participants: Professor Ian Brown

    PrivacyOS is a thematic network for privacy protection infrastructure within the current European Commission's ICT Policy Support Programme, aiming to foster development and deployment of privacy infrastructures for Europe.

  • SESERV Consortium: Socio-Economic Services for European Research Projects

    Participants: Dr Cristobal Cobo, Professor Eric T. Meyer, Dr Anne-Marie Oostveen

    The SESERV consortium aims to maximize research impact by raising awareness of socio-economic trends in the areas of incentives, accounting, Digital Europe, and risk management, and by addressing possible policy priorities within the research community.


    Participants: Professor Jonathan Zittrain

    A leading independent authority on trends in badware and its distribution, and a focal point for the development of collaborative, community-minded approaches to stopping badware. The main focus is on research and public education.

  • SUBITO: Surveillance of Unattended Baggage and the Identification and Tracking of the Owner

    Participants: Professor Ian Brown, Dr Joss Wright

    SUBITO is designed to research and further develop automated real time detection of abandoned luggage, fast identification of the individual responsible and his/her subsequent path and current location.

  • Towards a Future Internet

    Participants: Professor Ian Brown, Dr Colin Blackman, Professor Jonathan Cave, Simon Forge, Dr Karmen Guevara, Lara Srivastava, Professor Motohiro Tsuchiya, Malte Ziewitz

    The Internet Futures project will produce a single preferred vision of a 'Future Internet' for Europe by researching possible social, psychological, technological and economic options for its further development and their likely socio-economic impacts.

  • Wireless technology for broadband Internet

    Participants: Dr Christian Sandvig

    A 2004 pilot study mapping the use of Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) for broadband Internet access in Oxfordshire, later contributing to a cross-national study of the evolution of wireless networks undertaken by the OII and the University of Illinois.