These are the publications produced by department faculty, students and associates. Check faculty biographies to view a particular person's records. Academic journals edited by OII faculty include: Policy & Internet (Helen Margetts, Vili Lehdonvirta); Information, Communication & Society (William Dutton); Philosophy & Technology (Luciano Floridi); and Learning, Media and Technology (Rebecca Eynon).

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  • Hale, S., Yasseri, T., Cowls, J., Meyer, E.T., Schroeder, R. and Margetts, H. (2014) Mapping the UK Webspace: Fifteen Years of British Universities on the Web. Paper presented at WebSci 2014, June 23-26 2014, Bloomington, IN.
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  • Hale, S.A., Yasseri, T., Cowls, J., Meyer, E.T., Schroeder, R., and Margetts, H. (2014) Mapping the UK webspace: Fifteen years of British universities on the web. ACM WebSci'14, Bloomington, Indiana.
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  • Oostveen, A., P. Aalto, D. Dimitrova, M. Hendow, A. Kraler, P. Lehtonen, and F. Zampagni (2014) Socio-ethical, legal, political, and privacy aspects (Version 1). FastPass Deliverable 2.3. FastPass - A harmonized, modular reference system for all European automated border crossing points, FP7-SEC-2012-1.
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  • Przybylski, A.K. (2014) Who believes electronic games cause real-world aggression? Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking 17 (4) 228-234.
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