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  • 7 October 2011

    The Oxford Student

    Oxford on standby for zombie invasion

    "Computer wizards at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) have constructed an online map which denotes the part of the world where the search keyword "zombie" is most prevalent." The map is part of the OII's visualisation series.

  • 6 October 2011

    Wall Street Journal

    Learning from Twitter

    The Wall Street Journal's Technology blog looks at questions surrounding the use of "big data" made available by social media such as Twitter, quoting from danah boyd's keynote delivered at the 2011 iCS-OII conference.

  • 6 October 2011

    Austrian Press Association (APA)

    Quadriga 09 über das Ende des Privaten Buchpräsentation am 6. Oktober 2011 im Palais Epstein

    A summary of four books on privacy in the digital age presented in the Austrian Parliament at the invitation of the Speaker featured Viktor Mayer-Schönberger's book 'Delete'.

  • 1 October 2011

    The Economist

    Who should run the internet?: A plaything of powerful nations

    The Economist looks at Internet governance in a report on the 2011 Internet Governance Forum, quoting Viktor Mayer-Schönberger who believes a "constitutional moment" is needed to stop Internet governance becoming the "plaything of powerful nations".

  • 30 September 2011

    The Guardian

    The Flickr map of the world

    Who shares their images with the world? The Guardian's Datablog highlights Mark Graham's visualisation of Flickr use worldwide.

  • 29 September 2011

    University of Oxford

    Internet glitterati gather at Oxford

    The OII's tenth anniversary was celebrated at a gala dinner and awards ceremony in Balliol College. Lifetime awards were presented to people pivotal in shaping the Internet, including OII founding Director William Dutton.

  • 29 September 2011


    Oxford University on zombie alert

    "So you know the impending zombie apocalypse, the one we in the Western world await with a mix of dread and anticipation?" Mark Graham maps the zombie apocalypse using the Google Maps database.

  • 29 September 2011

    The Guardian

    Sock puppets, twitterjacking and the art of digital fakery

    Viktor Mayer-Schönberger discusses digital fakery, and our ability to tell the fake from the real: "The digital age is difficult. We're in a Foucauldian postmodern world where we can't tell the truth from fakery".

  • 28 September 2011

    Oxford Internet Institute

    Ulrike Rauer Receives the 2011 OII MSc Thesis Prize for Thesis on Patient Trust in Internet-based Health Records

    Masters student Ulrike Rauer has received the 2011 OII MSc thesis prize, for her thesis on patient trust in Internet-based health records.

  • 26 September 2011

    Die Zeit

    Jugendliche entwickeln eigene Werte in Netzwerken

    Coverage of danah boyd and Alice Marwick's OII-iCS conference paper "Social Privacy in Networked Publics: Teens' Attitudes, Practices, and Strategies", which reveals that teenagers code their messages to prevent their parents from reading them.

  • 23 September 2011

    The Economist

    Big Data: Where the geeks go

    "The Oxford Internet Institute (OII) this week hosted a small, invitation-only roundtable called the Oxford Digital Data Dialogue (OD3). The topic also was the data deluge."

  • 23 September 2011

    The Atlantic Wire

    The World Map of the Places That Care About Zombies

    "The Oxford Internet Institute produces some of the more engaging data-visualizations we seem to come across on Tumblr or Twitter". Mark Graham maps the zombie apocalypse using the Google Maps database.

  • 23 September 2011

    The Guardian

    The Zombie Map of the World

    "What happens when you ask Google maps for the location of zombies around the world?" Mark Graham maps the zombie apocalypse using the Google Maps database.

  • 19 September 2011

    Oxford Internet Institute

    Professor Helen Margetts Appointed Director of the Oxford Internet Institute

    Professor Helen Margetts has been appointed as the new Director of the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, taking up her position from 1 October 2011. She succeeds Professor William Dutton.

  • 7 September 2011

    Oxford Internet Institute

    38 Degrees Receives "Best UK Internet NGO" Award from the Oxford Internet Institute

    The innovative online action group, 38 Degrees receives a "Best UK Internet NGO" award from the Oxford Internet Institute, in recognition of its exemplary efforts in using the Internet for the public good in Britain.

  • 7 September 2011

    Oxford Internet Institute

    Guardian Journalist Simon Rogers Receives "Best UK Internet Journalist" Award from the Oxford Internet Institute

    Simon Rogers, editor of the Guardian's Datablog and Datastore, receives a "Best UK Internet Journalist" award from the OII, in recognition of his innovative use of the Internet to widen access to socially and politically important data.

  • 7 September 2011

    Oxford Internet Institute

    MP Tom Watson Receives "Best Internet Politician" Award from the Oxford Internet Institute

    Tom Watson, Labour MP West Bromwich East, receives a "Best UK Internet Politician" award from the Oxford Internet Institute, in recognition of his significant role in shaping Internet policy for the public good in Britain.

  • 1 September 2011

    Times Higher Education

    Leader: Remember this – but not that

    The THE leader column discusses the privacy and legal conflicts in preserving information on the web, quoting both Eric Meyer's work on web archiving and the work of Viktor Mayer-Schönberger on the right to delete information.

  • 1 September 2011

    Times Higher Education

    Memory failure detected

    How can the vast material on the web be stored and archived for the benefit of researchers in the future? Eric Meyer talks about the challenge of a 'preservation mindset' which doesn't consider properly how websites will be used in the future.

  • 27 August 2011

    Wie das Internet das Liebesleben bereichert

    William Dutton is interviewed after his talk on "Meeting and Dating Online" given at the annual Austrian Institute of Technology Forum in Alpbach (in German).

  • 15 August 2011

    The Guardian

    Getting creative with data

    Mark Graham is quoted on the power of new technology to assist sustainability and ethical consumption.

  • 12 August 2011

    Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

    Riots going viral

    Helen Margetts says that riots have taken place before and after the advent of the Internet and social media. In a feature for the ESRC she discusses the implications of the methods of communication used by those involved in recent riots.

  • 5 August 2011

    Spiegel Online

    The Birth of the 'Fifth Estate'

    In an interview with Der Spiegel to mark 20 years of the World Wide Web, Bill Dutton talks about how it helps communities organize and its emergence as a 'Fifth Estate,' helping to hold accountable both governments and media around the globe.

  • 5 August 2011

    The Independent

    Who, what, where? Magnum is hoping the modern crowd will help them identify a historic archive

    Eric Meyer says that crowd-sourcing projects like Galaxy Zoo call on the need people feel to be contribute and belong to something bigger than themselves.

  • 4 August 2011

    Daily Mail

    The Plankton Generation

    Bernie Hogan references OII research on online dating in an article on the dating prospects of middle-aged women and the partner choices of middle-aged men.