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  • 20 May 2011


    What impact are your resources making?

    Eric Meyer's JISC report on "research impact" recommends using a variety of qualitative and quantitative measures to understand the types of impacts resources have on research, teaching, learning, and for the wider public.

  • 16 May 2011

    Oxford Internet Institute

    Policy and Internet Call for Papers: Special Issue on eHealth

    Policy and Internet, the first major peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary journal investigating the impact of the Internet on public policy, is inviting submissions for a special issue on ehealth to be published in May 2012.

  • 1 May 2011

    The Observer

    What effect has the internet had on finding love?

    Alex Krotoski refers to the 'Me, My Spouse and the Internet' report on the impact of the Internet on intimate relationships, published earlier this year by OII researchers.

  • 28 April 2011


    Global Internet Culture Emerges

    Internet users worldwide want privacy, security, trust, and freedom of expression, says a report from the Oxford Internet Institute, graduate business school Insead, and comScore.

  • 28 April 2011

    Oxford Internet Institute

    OII Student Jon Penney Receives Google Policy Fellowship

    DPhil student Jon Penney joins the 2011 class of Google Policy Fellows, spending two months this summer at the University of Toronto's Citizen Lab where he'll work on a range of projects including the OpenNet Initiative, which documents online censorship.

  • 28 April 2011

    BBC Radio 4

    The Report

    Will this year's census be the last of its kind and do possible alternatives threaten privacy? Ian Brown comments that a mega-data base would be a dangerous threat to privacy and risks being misused.

  • 27 April 2011

    Financial Times

    Something for the weekend

    "The newly emerging nations online, such as those in Asia and Latin and South America, are becoming dominant" according to recently published findings on global Internet values from the World Economic Forum.

  • 26 April 2011

    Daily Telegraph

    Apple iPhone tracks users' location in hidden file

    iPhone users have been alerted to data held by Apple which tracks their movements. In a comment to the Daily Telegraph, privacy expert Ian Brown says the company should have been more open.

  • 19 April 2011

    New Scientist

    Digital Legacy: the fate of your online soul

    As the first generation to have created a digital record of our lives we are faced with the question of what of it will survive us? Viktor Mayer-Schönberger comments on remembering and forgetting.

  • 19 April 2011

    Secure Computing

    Image of 'wild west' web makes for too many restrictions

    Bill Dutton's challenge to the notion of an unfettered web is reported in the specialist journal for IT Security professionals.

  • 19 April 2011

    BBC News

    Web creator's net neutrality fear

    Bill Dutton warns of the risks in enshrining net neutrality in law, as part of an interview with Tim Berners-Lee conducted by Rory Cellan-Jones, the BBC Technology correspondent.

  • 18 April 2011


    Web isn't the "Wild West" - it's already too regulated

    "We cannot assume freedom of expression is an inevitable outcome of technology advances." Bill Dutton comments on regulation of the Internet to the W3C conference in Oxford, in advance of the launch of the UNESCO report on Freedom of Expression.

  • 14 April 2011

    Oxford Internet Institute

    Cross-language Blog Linking in the Aftermath of the 2010 Haitian Earthquake

    Capturing the extent of cross-language linking in the blogosphere gives an indication of bloggers' use and awareness of foreign language content (such as news), and consequently the connectedness or insularity of different languages in the blogosphere.

  • 11 April 2011

    The Independent

    Employers look for the tweet smell of success

    Social media skills are increasingly expected of workers leading to demand for lessons in Twitter and other social media: Grant Blank comments on employers using these sites to vet potential or current employees.

  • 6 April 2011

    University of Oxford

    Oxford awards for movers and shapers of the Internet

    The "OII Internet and Society Awards" have been launched to mark the OII's tenth anniversary year, as a means to recognising publicly some of the individuals and organisations that have played a pivotal role in shaping today's Internet.

  • 5 April 2011

    Deutsche Welle

    Swiss court rules against Google

    "Time for Google to begin to rethink Street View" says Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. Germany's national online media reports on legal and privacy issues around Google's Street View as a Swiss court rules that Google must blur license plates and faces.

  • 5 April 2011

    The Korea Times

    Synthesizing various worlds into one

    In an article about interdisciplinary studies in Korean universities, Bill Dutton says that bringing together traditional disciplines is necessary in researching world problems that cannot be properly addressed from a single disciplinary perspective.

  • 3 April 2011

    The Atlantic

    The Potentially Revolutionary Political Role of Fried Chicken

    Helen Margetts is quoted in response to doubts about the role of the Internet in political participation at the recent Midwest Political Science Association session on "The Internet Generation: Engaged Citizens of Political Dropouts" .

  • 29 March 2011

    The Guardian

    Wikipedia wants more contributions from academics

    Mark Graham is quoted in an article examining why academics seem reluctant to donate their expertise to Wikipedia. He says: 'Unfortunately, there is no reward system set up in academia for us to contribute our knowledge in Wikipedia'.

  • 28 March 2011

    Oxford Internet Institute

    OII MSc Student Alec Dent in Winning University Boat Race Crew

    OII MSc student, Alec Dent, was a member of the Oxford crew which won a commanding victory in the annual University boat race on Saturday 26 March.

  • 28 March 2011

    Oxford Internet Institute

    Top Internet Shapers to be Honoured by Oxford Internet Institute: Nominations Invited for "OII Internet and Society" Awards

    The "OII Internet and Society Awards" have been launched to mark the OII's tenth anniversary year, as a means to recognising publicly some of the individuals and organisations that have played a pivotal role in shaping today's Internet.

  • 23 March 2011

    Oxford Internet Institute

    Professor Helen Margetts Elected Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences

    Professor Helen Margetts is elected Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences.

  • 21 March 2011

    BBC Radio 4

    Twitter is 5

    On the fifth anniversary of Twitter Aleks Krotoski, research associate at the OII reflects on half a decade of tweeting: will the public eventually lose interest?

  • 11 March 2011

    Government on The Web

    Professor Margetts acts as an expert witness to the House of Commons Public Administration Committee (Video)

    Helen Margetts acts as an expert witness to the House of Commons Public Administration Committee, which is running an investigation entitled Good Governance: The effective use of Information Technology.

  • 9 March 2011

    The Guardian

    Government needs to bring IT skills in-house

    Professor Helen Margetts acts as an expert witness to the House of Commons Public Adminstration Select Committee.