These are the publications produced by department faculty, students and associates. Check faculty biographies to view a particular person's records. Academic journals edited by OII faculty include: Policy & Internet (Helen Margetts, Vili Lehdonvirta); Information, Communication & Society (William Dutton); Philosophy & Technology (Luciano Floridi); and Learning, Media and Technology (Rebecca Eynon).

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  • Cova, A., Besselaar, P. van den and Oostveen, A. (2002) Questionnaires and voting sessions check-list. Deliverable D5.1, TRUE-VOTE IST-2000-29424.
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  • Eynon, R. (2002) The use of the world wide web in teaching and learning. Paper presented at the conference of the Centre for Learning and Teaching - Sociology, Anthropology and Politics, part of the Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN) Birmingham, UK.
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