These are the publications produced by department faculty, students and associates. Check faculty biographies to view a particular person's records. Academic journals edited by OII faculty include: Policy & Internet (Helen Margetts, Vili Lehdonvirta); Information, Communication & Society (William Dutton); Philosophy & Technology (Luciano Floridi); and Learning, Media and Technology (Rebecca Eynon).

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  • Burchell B.J and Wood A.J (forthcoming) Unemployment in the 21st century. In Lewis A (forthcoming) Cambridge Handbook of Economics and Psychology 2nd Edition. Cambridge University Press.
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  • Garcia-Gavilanes, R., Tsvetkova, M., and Yasseri, T. Quantifying collective memory with online data.
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  • Tsvetkova, M. and Sumpter, D. Classroom seating neighbors and academic achievement.
  • Tsvetkova, M. Yasseri, T., Pickering, B., Engen, V., Meyer, E., Lüders, M., Følstad, A., and Bravos, G. A cross-disciplinary survey on human-machine networks: Design and implications.
  • Tsvetkova, M., Garcia-Gavilanes, R., and Yasseri, T. The dynamics of disagreement: A large-scale analysis of the Wikipedia revert network.
  • Tsvetkova, M., Nilsson, O., Öhman, C., Sumpter, L., and Sumpter, D. An experimental study of segregation mechanisms.
  • Ventresca, M. and Nyberg, R. (forthcoming) How Journalists Report on Innovation: Models of Innovation among Working UK Journalists.
  • Ventresca, M. and Nyberg, R. (forthcoming) Writing Innovations: Six Perspectives regarding Journalism on Innovations.
  • Wood A.J (2015) Networks of injustice and worker mobilisation at Walmart. Industrial Relations Journal 46(4): 259–274. DOI: 10.1111/irj.12103
  • Wood A.J (forthcoming) Flexible Scheduling, the degradation of job quality and barriers to collective voice. As of October 2015 minor revisions before resubmission to Human Relations.
  • Wood A.J and Burchell BJ (forthcoming) Flexible Scheduling as a Source of Insecurity. Working paper based upon the report above published for the UK Government Department of Business Innovation and Skills Consultation on Zero Hour Contracts.
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