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Social Media or The Impact of Us

19 Feb 2007
Filming venue:

Oxford Internet Institute, 1 St Giles, Oxford OX1 3JS United Kingdom

In this talk we explore the current impact of social media or social networks, commonly called Web 2.0, where content is generated by users in sites like Yahoo! Answers, Flickr, YouTube or This phenomenon puts forward new research challenges that involves not only computer science, but also economy and psychology, just to mention a couple of related fields. We call this emerging new science, community systems, and we mention some of the issues that we are studying, as well as further open problems.


Dr Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Director of Yahoo! Research Barcelona and Yahoo! Research Latinamerica in Santiago, Chile

Ricardo Baeza-Yates is Director of Yahoo! Research Barcelona, Spain and Yahoo! Research Latin America at Santiago, Chile. His research interests include algorithms and data structures, information retrieval, web mining, text and multimedia databases, software and database visualization, and user interfaces.

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