This talk addresses the IGF as a new, complex mechanism where a wide range of interests, discourses and hopes on different aspects of the Internet meet.

Terje sketches ways to sort out the various social forces at play in the process, and the challenges that are projected by various players. In a comparative perspective, he interprets the IGF process realistically, and discuss its present and future legitimacy and efficiency. He also discusses what he calls ‘the problem of vertical chain reaction’, and ‘the virtue of non-implementation’.

About the speakers

  • Terje Rasmussen

    Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo

    Terje Rasmussen is professor of media studies and digital media at the Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo. His research interests include the social and technical changes of the Internet, Internet Governance, the uses of the Internet in everyday life, ethics of the media, and social theory.