Is the internet fuelling a crisis in the relationship between politics and voters? blogging: an uncontrollable medium, tradition of governments wanting to manage the media, messiness of blogosphere and its relation to democracy, managing of ‘the message’, freedom of speech, politicians using blogs to manage their own messages, steering of blog conversations, blogs to manage agendas / messages, legislation to control hate speech, do blogs reflect society or only other bloggers? is blogging influencing the mainstream media? blogs as ‘small democracy’: will they ever steer ‘big democracy’? terrestrial and internet governance, internet regulatory bodies / commercial interests, transparency of elected representatives, ‘messy’ democracy and uncertain outcomes, managed democracy and on / off-message, public / private becoming one.

About the speakers

  • Dr Ivan Horrocks

    Faculty of Technology, The Open University

    Ivan’s published work includes a range of journal articles and a jointly edited book on IS and ICTs development and use in government and politics in the UK and western Europe. His primary research interests focus on the application of research approaches and methodologies rooted in critical realism to information systems development in government and the public sector. Teaching interests include technology evaluation, technology strategy and technology management in general, with particular emphasis, again, on the government and public sector context. He is currently Chair of the Technology Management Programme Board and the T846 Technology strategy Award Board, as well as a member of the T840 Technology management: an integrative approach, and T842 The technology management project, Award Boards. Ivan is leading the development of a new postgraduate level course on evaluating technology.