Victoria Lennox is a student on the DPhil in Information, Communication & the Social Sciences.

Research Interests:  A serial entrepreneur and executive leader with a track record of designing, building, and enhancing ecosystems, clusters, networks, and organizations, Victoria Lennox is one of Canada’s and Britain’s leading proponents of entrepreneurship and innovation with deep relationships and ties across academia, industry, government and media.  Passionate about leveraging education, entrepreneurship, and technology to foster peace, equality, and sustainability, Victoria is a commensurate diplomat who creates and communicates a compelling vision and inspires higher levels of achievement and impact of individuals and organizations alike.  As a digital powerhouse, Victoria leverages technology and digital media to unite, grow and reinforce communities, ecosystems and organizations, launching robust digital programs and omnichannel campaigns.

Highlights: Founded the National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs, Startup Canada, and the Startup Nations, creating over 100 jobs, rallying 5,000 volunteers, raising more than $50M from private and public sector partners, and growing membership beyond 250,000 members.  First Canadian to receive the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion at Buckingham Palace on the recommendation of the British Prime Minister.  Represented Canada on Governor General State Visits to Colombia, Chile, Jordan, Israel and the West Bank; APEC Summits in the Philippines and Vietnam, G8 Summits, UNDP Summits, and represented Canada on dedicated ecosystem diplomacy across Mexico, India, Israel, Estonia, Lithuania and Finland to promote and forge ties to Canada’s innovation, startup, and scale-up ecosystems.

Supervisor at the OII:  Brent Mittelstadt