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Sam Street

Former Casual Research Assistant

Sam Street

Former Casual Research Assistant

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Sam is a research assistant at Fairwork. He conducts fieldwork for the Fairwork UK team.

Sam’s research background is in cloudwork, where he has explored the labour geographies of Nigerian online freelancers in his dissertation entitled: ‘Navigating the maelstrom: the conjunctural geographies of Nigerian online freelancers’. In this piece, winner of a departmental award and nominated for two national awards, Sam offers a critique of westernised notions of precarity as he explores the political economy and psychology of cloudwork amongst 37 Nigerian online freelancers.

Sam has been at Fairwork since May 2022 and during his time here he has contributed heavily to the fieldwork for the upcoming Fairwork UK ratings, recruiting and interviewing workers across 14 different platforms.

Research Interests

Cloudwork, precarity, labour geographies, platform capitalism, Algorithmic management, artificial intelligence

Positions at the OII

  • Research Assistant, September 2022 - January 2023
  • Casual Research Assistant, June 2022 - August 2022