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Navneet Gidda

Communication Co-Lead (Fairwork)

Navneet Gidda

Communication Co-Lead (Fairwork)

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Navneet is a multidisciplinary strategic communications expert. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Philosophy from the University of Alberta and a Master’s in Strategic Communications from King’s College London’s renowned Department of War Studies.

Navneet’s work and personal ethos is influenced by several social sciences including art history, photography, and literature. She is particularly interested in how digital communications, and the communities that form in online spaces, are reshaping human nature and ethical decision-making. Her research explores how we can better communicate existential issues to de-escalate polarisation and produce more positive, factual narratives about future societies.

Navneet is currently leading Fairwork’s communications strategy. Fairwork highlights best and worst practices in the digital platform economy, advocating for workers facing low pay, precarity, and poor or dangerous working conditions The project aims to show that better, and fairer, jobs are possible in the platform economy.

Navneet is also an Associate with Future Narratives Lab, a freelance literary critic, and visual artist (mainly collage, photography, and oil) taking courses with London Fine Arts Studios. She has previously worked for political leaders, educational institutions, think tanks, and charities in Canada, America, and Britain.

Research Interests

Online extremism, data ethics, future of work, gig economy, artificial intelligence, digital polarisation, responsible innovation, trust, policy narratives

Positions at the OII

  • Communication Co-Lead (Fairwork), February 2022 -

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