Joshua Melville

Joshua Melville is a DPhil student at the Oxford Internet Institute. He is interested in several broad themes. Among them: modernity, identity, methodology, social structure, and visual representation.


He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Manchester, where he wrote about profile construction as identity work in the context of early social media sites.

He went on to complete an MSc in Sociological Research. His thesis, under Professor Martin Everett, explored the relationship between personal networks derived from ‘technologically mediated’ ties and close personal relationships.

At the Oxford Internet Institute he works with Dr. Bernie Hogan on the role that personal networks play in the decision making processes essential to the functioning of personalised social care.

Positions held at the OII

  • DPhil student, October 2011 –
  • Research Assistant, October 2011 –

Supervisors at the OII

Current projects

Past projects

  • College Connect

    Participants: Dr Bernie Hogan, Joshua Melville, Dr Nicole Ellison, Dr Christine Greenhow

    College Connect is webpage that visualizes social networks automatically from Facebook and puts them to work for the user. The target market of the application is prospective college students as well as those just entering college or university.

  • Interactive Visualizations for Teaching, Research, and Dissemination

    Participants: Professor Helen Margetts, Professor Mark Graham, Dr Scott A. Hale, Dr Monica Bulger, Joshua Melville

    "InteractiveVis" aims to support easy creation of interactive visualisations for geospatial and network data by researchers: it will survey existing solutions, build currently missing features, and smooth over incompatibilities between existing libraries.

  • Knowledge Exchange Networks: A Case Study in the Efficacy of Interactive Visualization

    Participants: Dr Bernie Hogan, Dr Monica Bulger, Joshua Melville

    Knowledge exchange implies forging, facilitating and fostering social connections. Oxford's Knowledge Exchange Network addresses this need among university staff and external stakeholders. We assist the KE Network through interactive network mapping.


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