Bob Carlson was HSBC Group Head of IT Operations and Telecommunications from June 2000 until mid 2005 with responsibility for some 7500 related staff and the infrastructure that supports HSBC’s 110 million customers and 220 000 employees and over 9500 offices in 79 countries worldwide. Bob started his career with American Airlines participating in the development of the Sabre Reservations system. Following 10 years with a global manufacturing company working on the automation of the manufacturing sector, he gained 24 years’ experience in global financial services. While in Asia in the mid 1990s Bob led the establishment of an offshore processing centre in China, and has pioneered global resourcing contracts with many IT and Telecommunications hardware, software, and services providers. Bob has also pioneered global virtual teaming concepts and has extensively used virtual teams to select and validate global IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure standards, and Virtual Team concepts to leverage scarce IT Technical Support resources and focus them on global priorities.

He holds an Arts Honours Business Administration Degree from Providence College in the US. He is a frequent speaker at management conferences and seminars. He is currently planning a book on Rightsourcing.

Positions held at the OII

  • Visiting Associate, December 2005 – December 2006