Dr Bharath Ganesh

Bharath is a political geographer focusing on data science and local government and the ethics and politics of researching violent online extremism.

Email: bharath.ganesh@oii.ox.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 612342

Bharath completed his PhD in Geography at University College London in 2017. His doctoral dissertation focused on the ethics and politics of hip-hop culture in the United States. During his PhD, Bharath was a Senior Researcher at Tell MAMA, a national project dedicated to mapping and monitoring anti-Muslim hate crimes. During his PhD, Bharath has given evidence in Parliament on governance, extremism, gender, and hate crime and authored a number of reports in these areas. Bharath is interested in a variety of fields related to the study of the internet, including governance and big data, online communication, security, inequality, and the politics of social media.

Research Interests:

Governance, big data, data science, extremism, inequality, communication, security.

Positions held at the OII:

Researcher, March 2017 –



Current projects

  • Data Science in Local Government

    Participants: Dr Jonathan Bright, Dr Bharath Ganesh

    Data science in local government uses novel techniques to make government more efficient in targeting resources. This project aims to explain the spread of data science methods in the local government context and to understand their impact.

  • VOX-Pol Network of Excellence

    Participants: Dr Jonathan Bright, Dr Bharath Ganesh

    The VOX-Pol research project is designed to comprehensively research, analyse, debate, and critique issues surrounding violent online political extremism (VOPE).

Past projects

  • Urban Data 2 Decide

    Participants: Dr Stefano De Sabbata, Dr Jonathan Bright, Dr Bharath Ganesh

    Urban decision makers are nowadays faced with both unprecedented challenges as well as new opportunities as the environment around them grows ever more complex.