Dr Marina Jirotka, a principal investigator on the Oxford Internet Institute’s Oxford e-Social Science (OeSS) Project, and a University Lecturer at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory (OUCL), has won an ESRC-SSRC Visiting Fellowship to conduct field work and interviews in the United States. The support will be provided through the ESRC’s National Centre for e-Social Science, for which OeSS is a principle node. The proposal, entitled ‘The Practical Accomplishment of Data Sharing’, requested an 8 week Visiting Fellowship to the University of Santa Clara’s Center for Science Technology and Society, and UCLA’s Department of Information Studies.

Dr Jirotka will focus on initiatives that might overcome the obstacles to complex data sharing in e-Research. Her work will develop stronger ties between US and UK social scientists in this area, and feed directly into to the research of the OeSS project, the e-Horizons Institute, Oxford e-Research Centre and the Oxford University Computing Laboratory (OUCL).


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