• A Facebook Employee Allegedly Used His Job to Stalk Women

    3 May 2018, Brit + Co

    Facebook confirms that it has fired a security engineer who allegedly used their position at Facebook to cyberstalk women on Tinder. Here’s what you need to know about Facebook, cyberstalking, and how to stay safe.

  • Malaysian ‘Fake News’ Law Targets Government Critics

    2 May 2018, The Takeaway

    While there is a genuine interest in removing misleading content, there is also concern about potential abuse and threats to free speech when governments create laws against misinformation online.

  • Are our online lives about to become ‘private’ again?

    30 April 2018, BBC News

    There's a strong chance you've recently seen an email or pop-up box offering "some important updates" about the way a social media company or website plans to use your data. Are we about to regain control of our personal information?

  • What happens to your digital remains after you die?

    23 April 2018, Hindustan Times

    Internet activity lives on long after a person dies and firms such as Facebook and experimental start-ups have sought to monetise this content by allowing people to socialise with the dead online.