• What’s the harm in Zoom schooling or contact tracing?

    26 May 2020, Deutsche Welle

    The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated digitalization at schools, in health care and other social interaction. Some say the rapid change was unimaginable just a few years ago. Is it a threat to our online privacy?

  • AI can battle coronavirus, but privacy shouldn’t be a casualty

    26 May 2020, Tech Crunch

    Many governments are turning to AI tools to both advance the medical research and manage public health, now and in the long term. These technologies are certainly promising, but they must be implemented in ways that do not undermine human rights.

  • On to new shores? The future of journalistic business models

    23 May 2020, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

    The relentless change in classic journalistic business models will also accelerate in 2020 and beyond. The industry is facing difficult times. But not everything is lost - there are also new opportunities.

  • Trump lashes out with distractions and disinformation

    18 May 2020, Los Angeles Times

    President Trump has accelerated his attacks as he runs for reelection, escalating his spread of disinformation about perceived enemies and his administration’s record during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • A threat to freelancers, but also to permanent employees

    12 May 2020, Journalisten

    Graphics, text and marketing can be obtained at a fraction of Danish prices on global freelance platforms. “Simple tasks will be massively outsourced,” says Oxford researcher. A threat to you and me?