• Plattformökonomie braucht Mindeststandards

    15 April 2019, Tagesspiegel

    Die globale Plattformökonomie zeige die begrenzte Macht nationaler Regulierung auf, erklärt Mark Graham, Professor am Oxford Internet Institute. Ohne Mindeststandards werden Plattformarbeiter weiterhin ausgebeutet.

  • Rethink government with AI

    9 April 2019, Nature

    Policymakers should harness data to deliver public services that are responsive, efficient and fair, urge Helen Margetts and Cosmina Dorobantu.

  • A Way to Detect the Next Russian Misinformation Campaign

    27 March 2019, The New York Times

    As nearly a billion people prepare to vote in India and the EU - and with US campaigning underway - OII Director Philip Howard argues we need a public archive of online adverts to protect democracy.

  • The Digital Age: A Progressive Future of Work

    26 February 2019, Progressive Post

    Shaping the future of work in the digital age for the benefit of society is a key task for Progressives. The challenges surrounding the fourth industrial revolution are an impetus to think comparatively.