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This discussion seminar addresses cultural variations in use of the Internet.

The Internet has a myriad of applications and every individual adapts what they do with the Internet to their own needs. Sometimes this aspect of variability in perceptions and use of the Internet is forgotten when websites are designed or Internet related policy is discussed.

Web pages are seen by people with very different backgrounds often from a wide range of countries and cultures. This event investigates these cultural differences and explores social, political and cultural explanations for these differences. The emphasis will be on different types of use and on different types of user behaviour that researchers and practitioners have found to be more or less prominent in different national cultures around the world.

About the speakers

  • Professor William H. Dutton

    Affiliation: Director of the OII
  • Dr Ellen J. Helsper

    Affiliation: OII Survey Research Fellow
  • Christophe Cauvy

    Affiliation: Digital Director EMEA, McCann Worldgroup

    Based in London, Christophe Cauvy joined the advertising agency McCann Erickson in June 2007 as Regional Digital Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Educated in Economics, Christophe started his career in banking at JP Morgan in Paris, and quickly switched to marketing, graphic design and branding, in such agencies as RSCG, Fitch, Design Board and Lewis Moberly. He caught the digital buzz when he was involved in the opening of the British office for the defunct Swedish digital agency Abel & Baker in 2000. In 2003, he went back to university to study MBA at the University of Oxford’s Said Business School. More recently, he set up The Thinking Box, a marketing consultancy that specialises in consumer technologies and future forecasting. He conducted consulting missions for private equity funds, corporations, government bodies and start-ups in the outdoor advertising, TV programming, 3G mobile telephony and IPTV areas. Christophe has worked with such brands as France Telecom, Carrefour, Kodak, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Henkel, and has written opinion pieces for likes of The Wall Street Journal, Le Figaro, and New Media Age.

  • Greig Holbrook

    Affiliation: Managing Director, Oban Multilingual

    Greig Holbrook has worked in Multilingual SEO since 2001, when he was first Director of the International Web Unit at the University of Brighton. Greig is now Managing Director of OBAN Multilingual which has pioneered multilingual SEO and International PPC, and now has 26 offices worldwide. Greig’s passion lies in helping to create trade without borders so that the full global potential of the web can be opened up. Greig is famously quoted as saying that ‘there is no such thing as the world wide web’ meaning that too many companies are invisible to potential clients through inadequate international SEO and global web strategy. Greig has given numerous talks, presentations and training sessions for organisations such as E Consultancy, Eye For Travel, Ad-Tech, UKTI, EMITA and also a great number of in-house sessions for multinational companies.

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