We organise a number of research seminar and lecture series relating to the Internet; the majority open to the public. Please register for a place by contacting: events@oii.ox.ac.uk, tel: +44(0)1865 287209. How to find the OII.

  • Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute and OII Seminar Series on Privacy Issues in Genomic Medicine

    The falling cost of genomic sequencing promises many breakthroughs in our understanding of genetic predisposition to disease and for the development of medical treatments. This seminar series examines the current state of information privacy in this domain.

  • Breaking Boundaries? Seminar Series

    The Breaking Boundaries? seminar series brings together researchers, policy makers and practitioners to discuss the notion that information communication technologies can be used to break down boundaries to learning and participation in society.

  • ICT4D Seminar Series

    This seminar series gathers leading scholars and practitioners to reflect on the influence of new communication technologies on development processes.

  • OII Bellwether Lectures

    The OII Bellwether Lectures bring world-leading intellectuals to Oxford to lecture on the social implications of the Internet, and its role in shaping our economic, political, and social future.

  • OII Politics and the Internet Seminar Series

    This annual series brings senior politicians, civil servants and political commentators to the OII for frank and insightful discussions about their first-hand experience of digital-era governance 'at the coal-face'.

  • Oxford Digital Ethnography Group Seminar Series

    This seminar series gathers leading scholars and practitioners to reflect on how ethnography is adapting to the study of heavily-mediated worlds.

  • PhilTech - Philosophy & Technology Seminar Series

    PhilTech is the annual, multidisciplinary seminar series that brings prominent and influential speakers to the Oxford Internet Institute in order to advance critical understanding of the conceptual nature and practical consequences of technologies, and to provide new ideas about their fruitful and sustainable developments.

  • The OII Colloquia (TOC)

    The OII Colloquia bring senior speakers from other departments at the University of Oxford to the Oxford Internet Institute to spark conversation around the Internet and society.

  • The OxCrowd Network

    The OxCrowd Network brings together academics and students to share and discuss insights on methodological and theoretical challenges related to understanding contemporary crowdbased phenomena facilitated by digital technologies and platforms.