• The Internet – Still Wide Open and Competitive?

    Friday 21 March 2003

    Speakers: Professor Eli Noam

    For years now, the Internet seemed to be open, free, and competitive. But now, in the wake of the Internet's bursting bubble the reality of that competitiveness deserves a second look.

  • Information Warfare in an Age of Globalisation

    Tuesday 4 March 2003

    Speakers: Professor Frank Webster

    War is changing, increasingly being what one might call Information War (for those most able to wage it), by which is broadly meant saturation with ICTs, plus a special concern for the media.

  • Broadband Forum

    Saturday 1 March 2003

    Speakers: Professor William H. Dutton

    Summary to come.

  • E-voting and Beyond

    Tuesday 25 February 2003

    Speakers: Professor Stephen Coleman

    Stephen Coleman examines the arguments for and against Internet- and other e-voting proposals alongside the evidence from recent e-voting pilots.

  • Online Piracy: Warez the harm?

    Tuesday 11 February 2003

    Speakers: Peter Davies

    This seminar will attempt to describe the main features of the Warez marketplace, and will review some of the steps used by the rightholder and Internet Service Provider communities to respond to it.

  • Preserving the Future

    Wednesday 22 January 2003

    Speakers: Dr Christine Finn

    Christine Finn's most recent book 'Artifacts: An Archaeologist's year in Silicon Valley' brings the perspectives of the past and the future to the story of Silicon Valley's present material culture.