• Whom does the Internet Need More: Computer Scientists or Social Scientists?

    Friday 30 January 2004

    Speakers: Professor Yorick Wilks, Dr Thomas Melham, Professor Steve Woolgar

    This seminar addresses the perception of a supposed divide between social scientific and computer science approaches to study of the Internet. It asks what each has to offer, and to what extent a more collaborative vision is appropriate and possible.

  • The Next Level in e-Learning

    Thursday 22 January 2004

    Speakers: Diana Laurillard, John Naisbitt, Professor Everett Rogers

    This forum aims to explore the potential offered by more widespread use of the Internet in learning as well as identifying some of the most significant factors inhibiting or encouraging its creative use.

  • The Internet and Governance: The Global Context

    Thursday 08 - Saturday 10 January 2004

    Speakers: Professor William H. Dutton, Professor Helen Margetts, Professor Ignace Snellen, Christian Ahlert, Professor Donatella DellaPorta, Professor Peter Ferdinand, Professor Richard Heeks, Dr Randolph Kluver, Professor Herbert Kubicek, Edwin Lau, Marcus Maenz, Lorenzo Mosca, Professor Richard Rose, Jerzy Szeremeta, Ivar Tallo, Professor Alexandre Trechsel, Hilmar Westholm, Ernest Wilson III, Professor Arre Zuurmond

    This conference brings together experts with diverse approaches to governance and the Internet in different continents.

  • iCS Conference

    Wednesday 17 - Saturday 20 September 2003

    Speakers: Professor William H. Dutton

    Summary to come.

  • Electronic Government at the American Grassroots

    Monday 9 June 2003

    Speakers: Professor Donald Norris

    Data is presented from two nationwide surveys of US local governments (2000 and 2002) and focus groups of local government CIOs and top administrative officials from 37 US city and county governments to examine the adoption of e-government in the US.

  • Bringing Home the Bits: A Consideration of Broadband Deployment in the US

    Thursday 27 March 2003

    Speakers: Dr David Clark, Robert Pepper, Ed Richards

    There are many perspectives on the state of broadband deployment - is it a success, a failure, a hotbed for a new generation of monopolist, a societal imperative, or a product that has not yet proved it value to the consumer? Is it all of the above?

  • The Internet – Still Wide Open and Competitive?

    Friday 21 March 2003

    Speakers: Professor Eli Noam

    For years now, the Internet seemed to be open, free, and competitive. But now, in the wake of the Internet's bursting bubble the reality of that competitiveness deserves a second look.

  • Information Warfare in an Age of Globalisation

    Tuesday 4 March 2003

    Speakers: Professor Frank Webster

    War is changing, increasingly being what one might call Information War (for those most able to wage it), by which is broadly meant saturation with ICTs, plus a special concern for the media.

  • Broadband Forum

    Saturday 1 March 2003

    Speakers: Professor William H. Dutton

    Summary to come.

  • E-voting and Beyond

    Tuesday 25 February 2003

    Speakers: Professor Stephen Coleman

    Stephen Coleman examines the arguments for and against Internet- and other e-voting proposals alongside the evidence from recent e-voting pilots.

  • Online Piracy: Warez the harm?

    Tuesday 11 February 2003

    Speakers: Peter Davies

    This seminar will attempt to describe the main features of the Warez marketplace, and will review some of the steps used by the rightholder and Internet Service Provider communities to respond to it.