This workshop examines parties' use of new ICTs during in election campaigns. Papers include case studies of the US, UK, Chile, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, France and Spain.

The workshop examines parties’ use of new information communications technologies (ICTs) during in election campaigns. In particular, it sets out to understand:

  • How far new technologies might impact on party competition – are minor parties the main beneficiaries? Can new ICTs deliver votes for parties?

  • Whether ICTs are heralding a new, more interactive, personalised and decentralised campaign era.

  • How far parties can reach new audiences via the new media.

  • what role the national political campaign environment (electoral law, electoral systems, campaign finance etc.) plays in shaping the way parties adopt new ICTs.

Papers include case studies of the US, UK, Chile, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, France and Spain.

Agenda for Thursday, 20 October




Register / Snack Lunch


Welcome and Introduction

Richard Davis, Stephen Ward and Diana Owen: Themes, aims and objectives of the workshop


Session 1

Sara Bentivegna: Italy

Jose Luis Dader: Spain




Session 2

Gerrit Voerman and Marcel Boogers: Netherlands

Thierry Vedel: France




Session 3

The study of parties and election online: Methodological and research agenda discussion


Dinner at Balliol College (Guest Speaker, Richard Allan)

Agenda for Friday, 21 October




Session 4

Diana Owen and Richard Davis: United States

Stephen Ward and Rachel Gibson: United Kingdom




Session 5

Taylor Boas: Chile

Marc Hooghe: Belgium


Buffet Lunch at OII, including short interactive presentation on ‘Online Humour in Election Campaigning’ by Limor Shifman (OII)


Session 6

David Taras: Discussion of Canadian Paper

Conclusions: common themes, reflections and differences

This workshop is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Department of Political Science, Brigham Young University, US.

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

About the speakers

  • Dr Steve Ward

    Affiliation: Oxford Internet Institute
  • Richard Allan

    Affiliation: Head of Governmental Affairs, UK and Ireland, Cisco; Liberal Democrat MP for Sheffield Hallam
  • Thierry Vedel

    Affiliation: University of Paris
  • Sara Bentivegna

    Affiliation: University of Rome
  • Taylor Boas

    Affiliation: University of California at Berkeley
  • Marcel Boogers

    Affiliation: Tilburg University
  • Jose Luis Dader

    Affiliation: Universidad Complutense, Madrid
  • Richard Davis

    Affiliation: Brigham Young University
  • Dr Rachel Gibson

    Affiliation: Australian National University
  • Marc Hooghe

    Affiliation: Leuven
  • Dr Diana Owen

    Affiliation: Georgetown University
  • David Taras

    Affiliation: University of Calgary
  • Gerrit Voerman

    Affiliation: University of Groningen
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