The Oxford Internet Institute is delighted to welcome Turi Munthe, media entrepreneur and investor, and founder of Demotix.

Parli is an encyclopaedia of opinion, structured as a wiki and enabled by AI. On the premise that there is a finite number of common opinions and arguments around any subject, we seek to ‘map’ them all. We are not a debate site. Our objective is to build an internet-scale media platform showcasing all opinions in a calm, descriptive voice, and to build a powerful back-end data service to help us understand the very nature of opinion. Our social networks – Facebook, YouTube and Twitter – accelerate and monetise online polarisation. We believe Parli can play a major role in calming factionalism by helping its readers understand their own opinions and those of others. A prototype grant from Google’s DNI built the platform we now have.

About the speakers

  • Turi Munthe


    Turi Munthe is a media entrepreneur and investor. He founded Demotix, the world’s largest network of photojournalists, selling to Bill Gates’ Corbis in 2013. He is a partner at North Base Media.

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