The Oxford Internet Institute is excited to welcome Dominik Lukes from Saïd Business School for the OxDeg talk 'The Internet is for Strangers: Virtual and real modes of obligation, the case of Timor Leste'.

This presentation will explore questions how well traditional ethnographic and cross-cultural concepts map onto virtual communities. While many of the ties that bind real groups also appear in online communities – rituals, structures of prestige, unwritten codes of practice, etc. There are some aspects of real life communities from cultures that have traditionally been called High-Context that seem to have no obvious parallels with the same consequences on real life obligations. I will present several vignettes from observing real world and virtual interactions in Timor Leste and explore the difference between existential obligations that bind together real world groups and epistemic obligations that develop in online communities, as well as their overlaps.

The hashtag to use for tweeting about this event is #OxDeg