The Oxford Internet Institute is excited to welcome Dr Asli Duru from the University of Oxford for the OxDeg talk "Passing memory: practicing theory in filmic geographies of ordinary violence in Istanbul"

This presentation will focus on the production of “A walk down the shore” which is a 19-min research video and at the same time presents the main interpretive framework for the audio-visual material gathered in fieldwork as part of the “Visualising memories of violence and wellbeing in Istanbul” research project. I will show vignettes of the video and introduce the methods and the research-creation methodology of the project by primarily focussing on the digital landscape of video-editing which I utilise in order to project violence as a creative social force producing space and travelling through bodies and objects. Drawing on references from digital video-philosphy and extended memories, I will explain the process of layering, stitching, interweaving image, sound and rhythm together with the opportunities and difficulty these sensemaking tools present in telling situated research stories that do not conflate meaning and facts (about ourselves as researchers and others). The presentation will walk the audience through the work-spaces of digital image from smartphone to editing software with the aim of raising questions about the affordances such a geography presents in order to engage theory as an experimental and mediated practice.