The Oxford Internet Institute is excited to welcome Keri Stephens from the University of Texas for the OxDeg talk "Negotiating Control: Organizations & Mobile Communication"

Until the early 2000’s places of work provided most of the computers and portable devices that employees used to do their jobs and communicate with others. Now, people bring their own mobile devices to work, use them to circumvent official organizational channels, and create new norms for how communication occurs. Building on longitudinal qualitative research conducted over the past two decades, this seminar focuses on the results of a grounded theory analysis resulting from 150 distinct interviews of people representing over 35 different types of jobs. The data represent voices ranging from janitors, police dispatchers, and customer service representatives, to knowledge workers. Together their experiences illustrate the underlying—often hidden—issues of control and power that shape how people are permitted and expected to use mobiles to communicate while working. #negotiatingcontrol