The Oxford Internet Institute is excited to welcome Dr. Alison Kahn from Oxford Brooke's University for the OxDeg talk 'Introducing Project Seventy:Introducing Project Seventy- a disruption of visual culture'.

Project Seventy is a work-in-progress interactive documentary constructed around seventy stories gathered from both Indian and British citizens. Now mostly in their 80s and 90s, these participants lived through the Independence process seventy years ago. It involves both sound and film recordings and will build upon previous collaborative research with Catriona Child, daughter of Ursula Graham Bower, anthropologist, filmmaker and resistance fighter in the period of Japanese occupation of the Naga Hills in the 1940s. I have chosen the i-documentary format for this project as it allows one to offer pathways through a series of non-linear connections between texts, stills and moving images. A central question will concern the nature of Anglo-Indian identity, which is clearly far from uniform, as the population is now scattered across the globe.

The hashtag to use for tweeting about this event is #OxDeg