The Oxford Internet Institute is excited to welcome Kira Allman from Oxford Human Rights Hub for the OxDeg talk "Cyber-utopian City: Revolution, Venture Capital, and the Rise of the Activist-Entrepreneur in Egypt".

After Egypt’s 2011 revolution, the impetus for revolutionary social and political change in Egypt has converged with a neoliberal drive toward individualism, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As the political sphere in the country began contracting in response to counterrevolutionary forces, many of Egypt’s young, tech-savvy activists have found new opportunities in an emerging startup scene. This paper explores the spatial transformations taking place in and around Tahrir Square, the heart of revolutionary Cairo, to accommodate a new heroic figure in the national narrative: the activist-entrepreneur. These new spaces can constitute a zone of resistance while simultaneously being embedded in and contingent on the abstractions and exclusions of state-driven neoliberalism.