This is the second seminar in this series, which will provide insightful discussions on first-hand experience of digital-era governance 'at the coal-face'.

In the digital era, political institutions, activities and relationships are increasingly mediated and shaped by the Internet. No aspect of political life remains unaffected with those in positions of political influence and power often facing new and unexpected challenges in dealing with the turbulent wake left by the Internet’s disruptive technologies. Building on the model of the classic ‘Media and Politics’ seminars established by the great David Butler, this annual series will bring senior politicians, civil servants and political commentators to Oxford for frank and insightful discussions about their first-hand experience of digital-era governance ‘at the coal-face’.

Please note that seminars will be conducted ‘off-the-record’ under Chatham House rules.

Each of these seminars will be followed by a short drinks reception.

  • Interview with Mike Bracken

    Duration: 00:12:04

    Date: 14 November 2013

    Interview with Mike Bracken, Executive Director of Digital in the Cabinet Office.