The Oxford Internet Institute is excited to welcome Marc Smith for the talk 'Distilling Digital Traces and Capturing Crowds with NodeXL'.

In this talk, Marc will demonstrate how NodeXL has been used to capture and identify online crowds of conversations. We will see how some crowds look like cohesive groups, while others look like a cacophony of isolated voices. Marc will cover the variety of crowd types that have been qualitatively identified through visual analysis and statistical techniques.

About the speakers

  • Marc Smith

    Affiliation: Connected Action Consulting

    Marc Smith is Chief Social Scientist of Connected Action Consulting and co-founder of the Social Media Research Foundation. He was previously at Microsoft Research. Dr Smith is a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Media-X in Stanford and adjunct faculty at the University of Maryland. He is the primer mover behind NodeXL, the popular and user-friendly way to capture, manage and visualize social networks particularly with social media data. Smith’s research focuses on computer-mediated collective action: the ways group dynamics change when they take place in and through social cyberspaces. He co-edited Communities in Cyberspace, a collection of essays about identity online and co-edited Analysing Social Media Networks with NodeXL. While he is currently in industry Marc still actively publishes in academic journals with a multitude of collaborators.

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