The OII Bellwether Lectures bring world-leading intellectuals to Oxford to lecture on the social implications of the Internet, and its role in shaping our economic, political, and social future.

In this lecture Chris will discuss the opportunities and challenges provided by mass internet-based data collection and how, in combination with open science practices, this approach can help usher in a new era of robust scientific research. He will focus in particular on two of my current projects: an upcoming research platform we are launching later this year in partnership with the Guardian as part of a European Research Council project on eating behaviour, and the use of citizen science to perform a mass consultation of MPs about a new service for supporting evidence-based policy. Both projects utilise open science practices such as study pre-registration and open data archiving, ensuring that findings are transparent, reproducible, and reusable to other researchers and the public. He will also discuss challenges with this approach, including the ethics of consent and unanticipated recruitment of vulnerable groups.