The Oxford Internet Institute is delighted to welcome Dr Saiph Savage for our Michaelmas Colloquia

State of the art systems fall short at helping people to execute ambitious goals. For instance, creating new infrastructure to support the indoor navigation of the blind. The main challenge is that citizens have heterogeneous knowledge. As a consequence, they usually lack the skills to complete the work needed to reach the collective goals. To address this problem, I introduce a novel architecture conformed of Intelligent Civic Blocks. My Civic Blocks use artificial intelligence to: 1) help citizens to build at execution time the skills they need to complete the work of a collective effort; 2) empower citizens to become entrepreneurs and find new solutions to collective problems. In this talk, I will present case-studies showcasing how my architecture can lead to collective action in a range of areas. My research enables anyone to orchestrate collective action to create their envisioned societies.