We are happy to announce that we are going to represent our agenda on connectivity, virtual/digital global production networks, and digital production/innovation at this year’s Global Conference for Economic Geography (GCEG) in Oxford. The planned sessions will serve to further hone and deepen our understanding of Digital Economies at Global Margins, following more exploratory sessions at AAG in April. We currently have two CfPs out (click on the links for details), which complement several of the GCEG key themes. The 4th GCEG will be in Oxford from August 19-22, 2015.


Session: Digital production networks and value chains: Theoretical reflections (CfP)

Session Organisers: Mark Graham (University of Oxford), Chris Foster (University of Oxford), Isis Hjorth (University of Oxford).

Please send your abstracts (no longer than 200 words) to Mark Graham (mark.graham@oii.ox.ac.uk) by April 15, 2015.


Session: Growth Entrepreneurship at the Margins: Digital Production and Innovation in Low-Income Contexts (CfP)

Session Organisers: Nicolas Friederici, Mark Graham (University of Oxford)

Please send your abstracts (no longer than 200 words) to Nicolas Friederici (nicolas.friederici@oii.ox.ac.uk) and Mark Graham (mark.graham@oii.ox.ac.uk) by April 15, 2015

We also uploaded a longer version of this CfP, including more pointers on themes and references.

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