The slides here were ones we presented about the end(s) of eresearch and the beginings of big data at the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) Internet Research 13 ( meeting in Salford.

The End(s) of e-Research from Eric Meyer

The presentation focuses on various possible ends to the e-Research programme, including the possibility that it was also just about providing computation support for other disciplines, or that everyone will become ‘accidental e-researchers’ as computation becomes the norm and thus, like other infrastructures, disappears from notice. The third possibility, which is supported by our data, is that various foci over the years (the Grid, Clouds, big data) gain attention cumuluatively (in other words, don’t appear to replace each other, but to add to the mix of computation approaches across the disciplines.

We also discuss styles of science, and suggest that it is possible than an additional ‘algorithmic’ style has emerged that is not a separate style, but an overlay to many of the other styles as algorithmic and computation approaches become part of the regular toolkit of science, social science, and the humanities. Several examples of this are presented in the slides.