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Established in 2011 as part of the OII’s 10th birthday celebrations, our biennial Oxford Internet Institute Awards are given out to recognize extraordinary contributions towards the development, use or study of the Internet for the public good. In so far as any academic department can have core values, these awards also embody everything the OII stands for – a belief in the great public good of a free and open internet, in the vital importance of innovation, research and exploration, in the moral significance of hard work and aspiration tempered by a strong social conscience.

The OII makes two classes of award. Internet & Society Awards are given to outstanding individuals and organizations in recognition of their role in the development of the Internet for the public good through particular initiatives. Lifetime Achievement Awards are given to outstanding individuals whose vision, determination and hard work have shaped the global network of networks that is today’s Internet, and our use or understanding of it. These individuals have been selected by the OII on the basis that they have made a unique and long-lasting contribution.

OII Awards 2018

The awards this year will take place on Friday 16th November, at a ceremony in Oxford. The evening will include a lecture by Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Judy Wajcman, followed by a black tie dinner, where awards will be presented to Wajcman, along with fellow Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Karen Banks, and to Internet & Society Award winners Anasayu Sengupta and Nani Jansen Reventlow.

To find out more, and to book tickets for this year’s event, visit the Oxford Internet Institute Awards website.