Impact and Embedding of Digitised Resources

Professor Eric T. Meyer

Duration: 01:26:35

Recorded: 20 May 2011


Eric Meyer presents a summary and synthesis of JISC-funded work to measure the impact of their digitised resources and develop case studies for embedding them in teaching and research. He presents the results of the report, followed by a panel discussion involving invited representatives from seven digitisation projects. The panellists reflect on the process of measuring and increasing the impact of their resources, and answer audience questions.

The digitisation projects discussed are: "Crime in the Community: Enhancing User Engagement for Teaching and Research with the Old Bailey Online" (University of Sheffield); "Dance teaching resource and collaborative engagement spaces (D-TRACES)" (Coventry University); "Embedding A Vision of Britain through Time as a resource for academic research and learning" (University of Portsmouth); "HumBox Impact" (University of Southampton); "The Impact and Embedding of An Established Resource: British History Online as a Case Study" (Institute of Historical Research, University of London); "Listening for Impact" (Oxford University Computing Services); "SPHERE: Stormont Parliamentary Hansards: Embedded in Research and Education" (King's College, London and CDDA, Queen's University, Belfast).

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