Toolkits for e-Humanities: Project Workshop

Dr Kathryn Eccles, Christine Madsen, Professor Eric T. Meyer, Professor Mike Thelwall

Duration: 01:11:16

Recorded: 19 March 2009


The Digitised Resources: A Usage and Impact Study project combines quantitative and qualitative indicators to measure the impact of online scholarly resources. The toolkit being developed will include a number of elements which will aid other researchers and funding bodies to assess the impact of digitisation projects.

This workshop presented the results of this project in the context of general panel discussions about the role of digitisation in the practices of humanities researchers now and in the future.






Overview of Phase 1 Digitisation Projects

Dr Kathryn Eccles


Quantitative Tools

Prof Mike Thelwall, Dr Kathryn Eccles


Qualitative Tools

Dr Eric Meyer, Dr Kathryn Eccles


Survey Data

Christine Madsen, Dr Eric Meyer

About the speakers

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This project was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) .


  • Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)