Twitter Network of @OIIOxford
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In Internet research, the sheer volume of data available can be overwhelming; however, its variety and scale also offer exciting opportunities for finding new ways to answer old questions. Social network analysis is well-suited to probing the nature and extent of the various ways we now relate to each other online. Visualising data can reveal patterns not immediately apparent in data.

These two network graphs show the relationships between Twitter users following oiioxford or followed by oiioxford. Each node represents a Twitter account, and a tie between two nodes represents a follower or following relationship. All ties are shown on the graph on the right. On the other hand, a tie is present only on the left graph if two users follow each other: that is only reciprocal ties are shown. The nodes are positioned according to force-directed algorithms to move highly connected nodes close together and less connected nodes further apart. The colours represent different communities found by a standard community detection algorithm.

Author(s): Dr Bernie Hogan
Scott A. Hale
Published: June 2011
License: © University of Oxford for the Oxford Internet Institute 2011. This work may be copied freely for non-commercial research and study.
Data Source: Twitter
Tools: NodeXL, gephi
Tags: SNA, network, twitter, web2.0
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