Development Priorities

Supporting our students

We offer two fully accredited, full-time graduate degrees, a Master of Science (MSc) in Social Science of the Internet and a Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Information, Communication and the Social Sciences. Each year, these programmes attract dozens of talented, enthusiastic and well-qualified applicants from across the globe.

Our students are gifted and committed, asking new questions, challenging methodological and disciplinary orthodoxies and producing research that really makes a difference: to the academic community, to policy-makers and in the business world. We know that meeting the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly networked society will require new types of knowledge and skills. Our graduates will be well-equipped to achieve and lead, whether by making new research breakthroughs, producing thoughtful policy or designing creative products and technologies.

However, graduate study is a costly undertaking. Students are liable for tuition and college fees, as well as accommodation and maintenance costs. The OII's candidates have an excellent track record in attracting funding support, whether from their Colleges, the University, UK research councils or schemes within their home countries. Our candidates have held Rhodes, Trudeau and Clarendon Fund Scholarships. However, scholarship provision remains vital in ensuring that we can continue to attract and retain the most promising students, regardless of background or financial circumstances.

We welcome support for a variety of scholarships, with naming opportunities available for multi-year and endowed gifts. Even a small donation can make a difference, whether by assisting students facing economic hardship, enabling attendance at conferences or helping to cover research expenses.

Supporting our research and researchers

The OII has a vibrant community of scholars and teachers, many of them international leaders in their fields. Our faculty, which includes sociologists, political scientists, economists, computer scientists and lawyers, are shaping new methodologies, defining new areas of inquiry and working across disciplinary boundaries. Their work directly underpins our international reputation for generating trusted and empirically grounded research on the social dynamics of the Internet and related ICTs.

In an era of eroding government funding for social science research, and global competition for top academic talent, ensuring continued excellence requires investment in both research programmes and research posts.

  • The Oxford Internet Survey (OxIS)

    The Oxford Internet Survey (OxIS) is the most in-depth and authoritative source of information about Internet access, use and attitudes in Great Britain today. Launched in 2003, this biennial survey employs face-to-face interviews with a nationally representative sample of 2000 Internet users and non-users. The data gathered directly informs many of the OII's other research initiatives and is utilized by a variety of key policy-making institutions. We are seeking partners to help us meet the substantial costs of field work, analysis and reporting.

  • Internet governance and regulation

    The pace of technological change and innovation in the use of the Internet and related ICTs poses significant challenges for policy-makers. In turn, frameworks of policy and regulation liberate or constrain the range of choices that can be made about the use, design and development of ICTs. We have already established ourselves as a research leader in the area of Internet governance and regulation through the creation of a dedicated professorial post, and projects on key themes such as privacy, security, identity and intellectual property. Our active events and outreach function - including policy forums, working papers and public lectures - also engages a variety of stakeholder groups around legal, ethical and technological dimensions of governance and regulation.

    In an environment of ever-increasing policy complexity, we are committed to remaining an informed, independent and non-partisan source of analysis and insight on questions of governance and regulation. We are therefore seeking funding for enhanced research and events provision, and endowment support for the Chair in Internet Governance and Regulation.

  • Academic posts

    Investment in our scholars and teachers - from early career fellowships to named Professorships in Internet Studies, Internet Governance and Regulation and Society and the Internet - is critical to ensuring that we can continue to fulfil our academic mission. Support for academic posts not only enables cultivation and retention of top talent but creates new opportunities for innovation and collaboration. Our uniqueness rests on academic staff trained in a variety of disciplines, with expertise across legal, social, political and technological domains. Maintaining this diversity, and, where appropriate, expanding it, will permit us to be responsive to new and compelling research questions.