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The Oxford Internet Institute is the world's leading multi-disciplinary centre for research into the social dynamics of the Internet and related information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Our aim for the coming decade is to:

  • Increase the global reach of our work while maintaining the reputation for analytical rigour and empirically-driven research with which the University of Oxford is synonymous.
  • Expand our impact on policy and practice, providing authoritative, non-partisan expertise and continuing to bring together a global array of leaders from academia, government, business and the third sector.
  • Continue to provide our postgraduate students with the knowledge, skills and experience required to take on leadership roles in academia, industry and policy-making.
  • Continue to identify, cultivate and retain the best academic talent, ensuring expertise across the wide range of subject areas and disciplines essential to understanding the Internet's impact and implications.

The 'network of networks' that is the Internet is one of the critical infrastructures of the 21st century. It reshapes our access to the world, exerting its impact on everyday life and work, governance and democracy, the economy, learning and research. While extending new opportunities to an ever-wider population globally, it also creates new challenges in the social, legal, ethical, institutional, political and technical spheres. We need your help to fulfil our role as an active and informed observer, interpreter and shaper of our increasingly networked world.

To talk about opportunities for involvement, please contact Jennifer Darnley, on or +44 (0)1865 287228.

We are proud to participate in Oxford Thinking, a University-wide campaign to support the future of the University of Oxford's teaching, research and physical infrastructure.