These are the publications produced by department faculty, students and associates. Check faculty biographies to view a particular person's records. Academic journals edited by OII faculty include: Policy & Internet (Helen Margetts, Vili Lehdonvirta); Information, Communication & Society (William Dutton); Philosophy & Technology (Luciano Floridi); and Learning, Media and Technology (Rebecca Eynon).

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  • Calvino C., Romano A., Teobaldi M., “Tweetting Politicians – Il peso della Prossimitià nella formazione dell’opinione politica” – Rivista Geografica Italiana.
  • Calvino C., Romano A., Teobaldi M., “VGI e Web 2.0: la politica ai tempi di Twitter” – Bollettino AIC (Associazione Italiana Cartografia).
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  • Hjorth, I. (2014) Networked Cultural Production: Filmmaking in the Wreckamovie Community. PhD thesis. Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, UK.
  • Ventresca, M. and Nyberg, R. (forthcoming) How Journalists Report on Innovation: Models of Innovation among Working UK Journalists.
  • Ventresca, M. and Nyberg, R. (forthcoming) Writing Innovations: Six Perspectives regarding Journalism on Innovations.
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  • Brown, I. (2014) The Data Retention Directive: Recent Developments. Presented at Big Data and Security, Brussels, 21 January 2014.
  • Brown, I. (2014) The Data Retention Directive: recent developments. Presented at Computers, Privacy and Data Protection, Brussels, 22 January 2014.
  • Brown, I. (2014) Trust in the Cloud. Presented at the Dutch Government Cyber Dialogue, The Hague, 17 January 2014.
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