Summer Doctoral Programme (SDP) 2004

SDP2004 Oxford: 14 July - 31 July. 22 students and 37 tutors. Accommodation: Wadham College. OII SDP 2004 Flickr Set

Summer Doctoral Programme 2004 studentsThe second year of the Summer Doctoral Programme (held again in Oxford from 14-31 July) built on the strengths of the first year. Many of the 2003 tutors were keen to teach again, and with new recruits to our research faculty we were able to involve more of our own academic staff in the teaching and social events.

Academic Programme

The subject-related streaming was repeated: e-Government, e-science, policy and regulation, the Internet and everyday life, and general interest.

The government track included seminars on 'the problematics of e-democracy', e-government strategies in Britain and the US; parties, elections and the Internet, and e-governance. The 'everyday life' track included seminars on online epistemic communities, community media, blogging, the Internet in everyday life, and a workshop on the 2005 Oxford Internet Survey (OXIS). The policy and regulation track explored securitization of the Internet (a Socio-Political analysis), 'the quandary of public participation in Internet governance, the economics of Open Source, and a seminar on the information law approach: 'What makes (Cyber-) Lawyers different?'. The general interest track covered a wide range of issues, including the procedures and practices of publishing in academic journals, how to enable Internet participation, the societal implications of the Internet, the ESRC's 'Virtual Society' project (the Social Science of electronic technologies), perspectives on the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), virtual environments and the future of networked interactive media, the 'digital media crisis', social research on the future of e-learning, the future of e-social science, global patterns of Internet diffusion and use, and gendered access to ICTs and ICT-related work. Methodology sessions covered webmetric analysis and multi-method data collection.

OII Fellow and Internet visionary Ted Nelson gave a lecture on 'What Every Intelligent Person should know about the Internet' and there was a panel on the value of Internet research that brought together perspectives from industry and academia.

The social programme included three formal dinners at Wadham College, two receptions at the OII, a barbecue at OII Director Bill Dutton's house, a walking tour of Oxford, a picnic and punting, and a theatre trip to see Romeo and Juliet.


  • Richard Allan, Member of Parliament for Sheffield Hallam, Houses of Parliament
  • Ben Anderson, Deputy Director, Chimera
  • Peter Birmingham, Research Officer, OII
  • Andrew Chadwick, Lecturer in Political Science, University of London
  • Kris Cohen, Research Fellow, INCITE, Dept of Sociology
  • Stephen Coleman, Visiting Professor, OII
  • Paul David, Senior Research Fellow, OII
  • Chris Davies, Research Fellow, Department of Educational Studies
  • Peter Davies, Visiting Fellow, OII
  • William Dutton, Director, OII
  • Peter Ferdinand, Director, Centre for Democratisation
  • Rebecca Eynon, Research Fellow, OII
  • Urs Gasser, Fellow, Harvard Law school
  • Nick Jankowski, Visiting Academic, OII
  • Paul Jeffreys, Director, OUCS
  • Norman Lewis, Director of Technology Research, Freeserve
  • Nimrod Koslowski
  • Helen Margetts, Research Fellow, OII
  • Chris Mann, OII Visiting Fellow
  • Robin Mansell, Dixons Chair in New Media and the Internet, London School of Economics, LSE
  • Chris Marsden, Visitng Academic, OII
  • Stuart Nielson-March
  • Victoria Nash, OII
  • John Palfrey, Executive Director, Berkman Center
  • Nick Penston, Business Development Manager, Cisco
  • Sebastian Rahtz, Oxford University Computing Services (OUCS)
  • Richard Rose, Senior Research Fellow, OII
  • Christian Sandvig, Visiting Fellow, OII
  • Adrian Shepherd, OII
  • Professor W.E.Steinmuller, Professorial Fellow, SPRU
  • Jo Tacchi, Visiting Fellow, OII
  • Nina Wakeford, INCITE, Dept of Sociology
  • Steve Ward, Lecturer in European Politics, University of Salford
  • Frank Webster, Academic Visitor, City University
  • Juliet Webster
  • Deborah Wheeler, Visiting Fellow, OII
  • Steve Woolgar, Professor of Marketing, Said Business School


David Berry, Jean Burgess, Caio Mario da Silva Pereira Neto, Sarah Ford, Laura Forlano, Marcus Foth, Carlos Godoy, Todd Graham, Rex B. Hughes, Jeremy Hunsinger, John Kelly, Colin Maclay, Helene Michel, Anu Mundkur, Marina Pavlovic, Maria Rosales-Sequeiros, Marko M. Skoric, Yulia Timofeeva, Matthias Trenel, Renee van Os, Kylie Veale, Zheng Xie


We are grateful for support from the following partners: The Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard Law School, the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and The Soros Foundation's Open Society Institute.

  • The Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard Law School
  • Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology