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  • Social Election PredictionSocial Election Prediction 22 Apr 2014 12:21PM

    Media effect or media replacement?

    Taha Yasseri, Jonathan Bright Online political information seeking, at least in the data we’ve gathered so far, happens in short, concentrated bursts. When we began the project, I (JB) was hoping that these bursts would tell us something about how people inform themselves about contemporary democratic politics. However we quickly saw in our [...]

  • Chris FosterChris Foster 20 Apr 2014 17:00PM

    Low income markets and mobile – The problem of “quality”

    When I started my research on low income use of mobile phones in Kenya, my goal was to understand how ICTs are adapted by these actors. But, research often goes in unexpected directions when you start talking to people….! One unexpected outcome of my research was the level of complaints about mobile. People were running […] [...]

  • Mark GrahamMark Graham 14 Apr 2014 11:07AM

    My response to the geoweb and ‘big data’ alt.conference at #AAG2014

    At the recent #AAG2014 alt.conference on the geoweb and ‘big data’, I was asked to serve as a panellist at the end of the day: summarising some of the day’s themes, and reflecting on how they speak to future directions in the discipline. The responses that I prepared are below. Forgive the scattered nature of the notes, as they were hastily put [...]

  • Social Election PredictionSocial Election Prediction 11 Apr 2014 10:56AM

    Outliers on the electoral information cycle

    Taha Yasseri, Jonathan Bright In the last post we looked at patterns of access to the Wikipedia article on the European Parliament election, 2009 identified an electoral information cycle which consists of a build up period, a peak of information seeking, and a period of decline. In 14 of the 19 language groups we looked […] [...]

  • Elizabeth DuboisElizabeth Dubois 9 Apr 2014 20:38PM

    The Multiple Facets of Influence [new article available online]

    In March 2013 Devin Gaffney and I collected 2 weeks of #CPC and #NDP (the Twitter hashtags associated with the Conservative Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party of Canada). We wanted to know who was most influential. The problem is, there are a lot of ways to measure influence and they don’t all line up! […] [...]

  • Digital EconomyDigital Economy 9 Apr 2014 11:08AM

    Businesses – Join the big data revolution

    The Big Innovation Centre and Science & Technology Facilities Council are holding an event on open, free data available for use by businesses at Didcot on 6 May. From their online announcement: Join the big data revolution The UK boasts vast data sets open for public use, generated through world-class research activity and as a […] [...]

  • Jonathan BrightJonathan Bright 8 Apr 2014 14:56PM

    Can social data be used to predict elections?

    I’ve just started a new research blog with my colleague Taha Yasseri. Two aims: we want to know if and when social data might be useful in election prediction; we want to see if this knowledge teaches us anything about the political process. It’s also interesting to experiment with the idea of blogging research rather […] [...]

  • Social Election PredictionSocial Election Prediction 8 Apr 2014 13:45PM

    The electoral information cycle

    Taha Yasseri, Jonathan Bright When do people start getting interested in elections, and how does this differ in different countries? In this post we try to get a handle on this question looking at data drawn from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a useful resource because it has editions in a huge variety of languages, even if […] [...]

  • Information GeographiesInformation Geographies 2 Apr 2014 09:08AM

    Internet Tube

    Description This schematic map shows a simplification of the world’s network of submarine fibre-optic cables. Data The map uses data sourced from Each node has been assigned to a […] [...]

  • Digital EconomyDigital Economy 2 Apr 2014 08:34AM

    University of Oxford signs collaboration agreement with the Digital Catapult

    We are pleased to announce that the University of Oxford has signed an agreement to collaborate with the Connected Digital Economy Catapult.As part of the agreement we will work with the Digital Catapult to collaborate on joint projects and activities in the following focus areas: The Internet of Things (IoT); Trust, privacy, & cybersecurity, [...]

  • Josh CowlsJosh Cowls 31 Mar 2014 13:37PM

    Piecing Together the Value of Big Data

    During the construction of a jigsaw or model, there is invariably a moment in which one’s perception shifts from the level of ‘parts’ to the level of ‘whole’ – when, as it were, the bigger picture becomes clear. (Presumably the German language offers an elegant compound noun for this, but I am yet to come across [...]

  • Information GeographiesInformation Geographies 21 Mar 2014 16:25PM

    Geographic Knowledge in Freebase

    Description This map shows the global distribution of geo-located entities described in Freebase, a collaborative knowledge base that defines itself as “an open shared database of the world’s knowledge”. Data […] [...]

  • Mark GrahamMark Graham 19 Mar 2014 15:41PM

    Who cares about the Geography of Information? (hint: not the Pope)

    We made a quick map of the countries and territories that haven't visited our Information Geographies site. In sum, we're really delighted that our analysis, stories, and maps have had such a truly global reach. And this is something that we hope to expand on as we turn some of the work at into a printed atlas. All we have [...]

  • Mark GrahamMark Graham 16 Mar 2014 19:38PM

    Call for papers: The Data Revolution in International Development (Sri Lanka, May 2015)

    Richard Heeks and I are organising a track at WG 9.4: Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries on the topic of "The Data Revolution in International Development."  Chairs: Richard Heeks (University of Manchester, UK)Mark Graham (Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, UK) Many have pointed to a “data revolution” [...]

  • Policy and Internet BlogPolicy and Internet Blog 13 Mar 2014 09:39AM

    The economic expectations and potentials of broadband Internet in East Africa

    There has been a lot of hope and publicity about the economic potential of increased Internet connectivity in the East African region; including the hope of disintermediation and better connection to global markets. Chris Foster discusses initial findings of an OII project on Development and Broadband Internet Access in East Africa. Through [...]

  • Jonathan BrightJonathan Bright 12 Mar 2014 10:01AM

    Social Media and News Distribution

    I spend about half of my research time at the moment looking at the way in which social media affects the distribution of news. I recently had a chance to give a talk to the OII’s board on the subject, which can be found here. [...]

  • Anne-Marie OostveenAnne-Marie Oostveen 11 Mar 2014 00:07AM

    New paper: Understanding Engagement With The Privacy Domain Through Design Research

    Within the Google funded project ‘Privacy Trends’ a tool was developed that collects and aggregates online reports from social media platforms on the topic of privacy. The reports are summarized, visualized, and presented to everyday Internet users as a way to sensitize them on ongoing privacy violations. The design of this tool was [...]

  • Cristobal CoboCristobal Cobo 10 Mar 2014 11:58AM

    What does it mean to be an ‘expert’ in the Web era?

    We are delighted to extend an invitation to our next workshop which will bring together interested parties from Oxford and other organisations to critically analyse the tensions between traditional and new-modes of delivering university level education . When: Wednesday, May 28, … Continue reading → [...]

  • Ian BrownIan Brown 4 Mar 2014 10:59AM

    Finally, some high-level UK debate on Internet surveillance

    You wait nine months for some UK political debate on the mass Internet surveillance by the National Security Agency and GCHQ revealed by Edward Snowden, then two speeches come along at once... This morning I went to listen to Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader and deputy prime minister, give his first major speech on the issue (there is a [...]

  • Information GeographiesInformation Geographies 4 Mar 2014 23:38PM

    Geographies of Google Search

    Description This graphic illustrates the number of pages indexed by Google about each country. Data The data were collected through the Google Custom Search API. We searched for each country […] [...]