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  • Josh CowlsJosh Cowls 26 Jun 2015 11:19AM

    Big Data – What’s New(s)?

    The following is a slightly edited version of a talk I gave at the Data Power conference in Sheffield this week, presenting work by myself and Ralph Schroeder. The question of what drives news coverage far pre-dates the Internet and the rise of social media, and over the decades – or indeed the centuries – […] [...]

  • Measuring the Impacts of Connectivity

    Huge resources are invested into plans and projects that are designed to connect some of the billions of people who still lack any sort of digital connectivity. Yet, it is surprising that there is a relatively sparse evidence-base about how greater access… Continue Reading → [...]

  • GeoNet ProjectGeoNet Project 18 Jun 2015 14:12PM

    Measuring the Impacts of Connectivity

    Huge resources are invested into plans and projects that are designed to connect some of the billions of people who still lack any sort of digital connectivity. Yet, it is surprising that there is a relatively sparse evidence-base about how greater access and connectivity can facilitate or enable various types of economic development. As such, our [...]

  • new publication: Wikipedia Arabe et la Construction Collective du Savoir

      A chapter that I co-authored with Ilhem Allagui and Bernie Hogan has just been published in the book ‘Wikipedia Arabe et la Construction Collective du Savoir.’ You can download our chapter (in French) at the link below.  This is… Continue Reading → [...]

  • Rough ConsensusRough Consensus 9 Jun 2015 15:17PM

    A Social University: Relationships Between Oxford Colleges in the Twittersphere

    Though the University of Oxford’s prestigious reputation may convey the impression of a monolithic institution, it is — in reality — a loosely tied federation of colleges with varying histories and sizes. I aimed to elucidate relationships between colleges as revealed through social media profiles. I then created this visualisation to look [...]

  • Uneven Geographies of Digital Wages

    Our previous post contained a few maps that shed light on the geographies of online work. But what we didn’t do there was explore the spatial variance of wages. The cartogram in this post depicts each country as a circle and… Continue Reading → [...]

  • Incubators vs. Hubs at the Example of Accra

    Use of the term “hub” has certainly been inflationary in discussions about innovation and entrepreneurship support. I believe that innovation hubs are a genuinely new (and exciting!) organizational form, but at the same time, “hub” has become a misnomer for… Continue Reading → [...]

  • Elizabeth DuboisElizabeth Dubois 2 Jun 2015 20:09PM

    New paper! Trace Interviews (in IJoC special on #qualpolcomm)

    Last spring Heather Ford and I attended an ICA pre-conference on qualitative political communications researcher. The conference organizers went on to coordinate a special issue of the International Journal of Communications and invited us to contribute. Our piece, along with the rest of the issue (which is pretty much just full of wonderful) is [...]

  • Social Election PredictionSocial Election Prediction 31 May 2015 18:06PM

    GE2015: Polling Problems vs. Information Seeking Biases

    By my bedtime on the night of the last UK General Election, May 7 2015, one thing, at least, was clear. No matter who won, the pollsters lost. This is what makes the possibility of the Social Election Project so exciting – the flaws of traditional polling. Leading up to the election, the polls showed the […] [...]

  • GeoNet ProjectGeoNet Project 29 May 2015 09:01AM

    “The digital language divide” – our research featured in The Guardian

    The Guardian has just published a long piece about The Digital Language Divide. It features a lot of our work into internet and information geographies. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this many academic Geography journals referenced in a newspaper piece. Head over there and check out the piece. [...]

  • Scott HaleScott Hale 28 May 2015 15:36PM

    Featured in Guardian article on language research

    A recent article in the Guardian newspaper by Holly Yong surveys much research about online language divides, including my work on multilingualism and cross-language bridging: Translation technologies offer one solution to bridging online language divides, while also opening up new … Continue reading → [...]

  • The Work We Want

    The ‘Work We Want’ project has just put together a series of short videos about digital labour: encouraging us to think about not just likely futures, but also the futures we want to be bringing into being. Vili Lehdonvirta and I… Continue Reading → [...]

  • Anne-Marie OostveenAnne-Marie Oostveen 21 May 2015 20:08PM

    Iris scanners can now identify us from 40 feet away, but we don’t have to accept it

    Anne-Marie Oostveen, University of Oxford and Diana Dimitrova, Katholiek Universiteit of Leuven Biometric technologies are on the rise. By electronically recording data about individual’s physical attributes such as fingerprints or iris patterns, security and law enforcement services can quickly identify people with a high degree of accuracy. The [...]

  • Vyacheslav PolonskiVyacheslav Polonski 18 May 2015 19:42PM

    The Winners of Eurovision According to Facebook

    Using engagement data from Facebook to predict the Eurovision Song Contest 2015Continue reading on Medium » [...]

  • Social ExperimentsSocial Experiments 18 May 2015 17:40PM

    LiveFriday Love Bites Results

    Thank you to everyone who participated in our experiment on the effects social information in the Gillray ‘Love Bites’ exhibition on Friday night. Here we explain the background to the experiment, and present the results. Research shows that when we know that other people like something, it makes us more likely to like it too.… Read [...]

  • Thinking about Market Information Systems…

    As part of the ICTD2015 conference I presented in the open session ‘Thinking about Market Information Systems: Bridging Theory and Practice” organised by Elisa Oreglia, Janaki Srinivasan and Susan Wyche. I made a more critical presentation based on findings from… Continue Reading → [...]

  • Rough ConsensusRough Consensus 15 May 2015 10:30AM

    Looks + Substance: An Introduction to User Experience (UX)

    What makes a great website great? You tell me. This is the core of UX: listening to what the user wants and needs in order to design the best possible product. For my thesis, I’m researching online survey design and the way different design choices (such as putting a logo on your survey) may affect the responses you get. My research topic was [...]

  • Vyacheslav PolonskiVyacheslav Polonski 14 May 2015 14:42PM

    New paper: Friendship Networks and Conversation Structures in Facebook Groups

    Summary of our new paper presented at the 9th International Conference on Web and Social MediaContinue reading on Medium » [...]

  • Social Election PredictionSocial Election Prediction 12 May 2015 13:34PM

    The (Local) General Election on Twitter

    The UK’s national election is decided on a constituency basis: 650 odd separate small elections, each returning one MP. Despite the obvious importance of national parties and their leaders for shaping the election campaign as a whole, it is commonly accepted that the ability of local campaigns is also a significant factor. For example, the [...]

  • Social Election PredictionSocial Election Prediction 12 May 2015 13:30PM

    Which parties are having the most impact on Twitter?

    The previous two posts have shown that the amount of effort parties are putting in on Twitter at the local level is pretty variable. But what about the response they are getting? In this post we’ll look at the amount of mentions candidates receive on Twitter. A mention could be a retweet or it could […] [...]